Feedstuff production line:

Reasonable Craft, compact structure, can produce 3000-10000 T powder materials or pellet feed each year. Convenient installation, easy to operate, low maintenance cost; small area, low workshop requirement, low investment.Use electric control simulation screen to common control, no interlocking system and over loading protection devices among the equipments.

The adaptation scope is broad and versatility is strong. Users can choose to produce animal and poultry feed or fish feed according to the demands. Suitable to the middle and small scale feed factory, cultivation factory.

Different animals feed by feedstuff production line
Pellet mill is the main part of feedstuff production line
Pellet mill operation:

The pellet machine was first, made in China. Later it was introduced in Europe and other parts of the world. However, as time passed on, there has been an improvement in technology and this machine is more advanced. The flat die pellet machines are the most popular for making animal feed. Die pellet machines are usually used to produce feed particles though they produce less compared to ring die mill.

This explains why ring die pellet mills have become so popular. This has made it possible to have pellet mill operation in large scale. The benefit obtained by this is that you will have plenty of less power consumption, and output. Hence, they are convenient for use for home and commercial purposes to produce animal feed of high quality. More people have had proper understanding of the environmental surroundings and that is why biofuel materials are now very popular.

Materials such as municipal solid waste, wood chips, straw, and so much more are usually pelletized, and used for combustion. The pelletizing mills have been made using advanced technology. Hence, there has been significant improvement in processing pellets using the pellet machine. On the other hand, the flat die mills have been found to be efficient in pelletizing. One of the benefits of pellet mill operation is that the mills are energy saving.

The pellet mills can work without the use of a belt driven shaft. This has been facilitated by the incorporation of high technology in the manufacture of the machine. The other advantage is that you do not have to use water when pelletizing because this mill is of the dry-out type. The use of this machine has spread all over the world and more people have realized its usefulness too. It can be bought from various stores but you need to be very careful when purchasing one so that you do not end up buying a fake machine. The prices of this machine vary depending on where you buy it and the brand that you decide to go for.

Details of pellet mill:

Some of our Customers visit

We have established several feedstuff production lines around the world, these pictures show that the customers who are interested in our productions and came to our factory for a visit.

  • poultry feed plant in America
  • customers visit our chicken feed mill factory
  • customer visit our cattle feed production line
  • animal feed plant in Georgia,Europe
  • our worker is introducing the pig feed machine
  • poultry feed pellets production line in Egypt
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